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Giant sea bass swimming near a rock

Stories of Southern California Conservation

Hear from the people behind our Southern California conservation programs.

Letter From The CEO

Finding Hope Amid Discouraging News

Inspired by the passion of Aquarium colleagues and the impatience of Gen Z, our CEO asks that we all do more so that our oceans and planet can rebound and thrive.  

Find Out What You Can Do

Fresh Voices

Food, Culture, and Community

Learn how a particular Cambodian dish reminds an Aquarium board member about the everlasting qualities of a community.  

Read About Num Banh Chok

Conservation Corner

Protected Areas

With an established network of 124 MPAs, California is paving the way for a coastal area where marine life thrives.  

Learn Why MPAS Matter

News Articles

Kids Corner

Help Bertrand the eel out with a fun activity and learn all sorts of cool things about Aquarium animals.

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